Case Studies

Case Study 1
Portrait of a Nyamuka Zambia entrepreneur
Alan Chanda – the accidental honey-man (PDF)

Alan Chanda says:
“I was so afraid, so nervous but Nyamuka Zambia has equipped me to take on the world. I am not limited to my little place in Solwezi anymore, where my dream began. Now I can stare the world in the face.”

Case Study 2
Portrait of a Nyamuka Zambia entrepreneur:
Chipo Tepula – fish and vegetables (PDF)

Chipo Tepula says:
“The whole [Nyamuka Zambia] experience makes me smile.
It has given me the confidence to believe that entrepreneurship is the way forward”

Case Study 3
Better By Design:
Christina Kabamba Syafunko – fashion designer (PDF)

Christina Kabamba Syafunko says:
“Nyamuka Zambia brought me real clarity of vision and purpose. That is what Nyamuka did for me, and it is still doing”