Why Business

Taking the leap to being a full-time entrepreneur is an exciting step even if it can also be somewhat daunting.  But there are so many great reasons for setting up your own business.

  • You can be your own boss and won’t necessarily have anyone breathing down your neck.
  • You can be in charge of and create your own destiny.
  • If your business is successful you can make a very good living out of it.
  • You can see your business ideas take shape and you can keep improving them as you go along.
  • You can benefit directly from the great ideas you have.

But it’s not just you that can benefit from your entrepreneurial endeavours.  Your business could result in creating new jobs for people, which is great for the community, and the wealth you could generate through your successful business is great for Zambia’s economic future.

If you have a great idea, there has never been a better time to make the transition into running your own business.  More and more people are realising that being your own boss, in charge of your own destiny, is a great career choice, not just something you do if you can’t get a regular job.  Despite it being a tricky time economically at the moment, there are so many opportunities and you know what they say; when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  In fact many very successful businesses have been set up during economic downturns to plug gaps in the market and serve customers with less money in their pockets.  It takes an innovative person to spot and meet such an opportunity.

OK, not all your ideas might work first time and you might make a few wrong turns along the way but a key characteristic of a true entrepreneur is that they don’t take no for an answer and keep on trying.  Being an entrepreneur is an attitude of mind as much as it is a career choice.

On the other side of the coin, there is no getting away from it.  Being an entrepreneur is hard work and the buck starts and stops with you…though there is always help at hand if you look for it.  However, if you are systematic, research and plan things well then, with hard work and perseverance, you can achieve amazing things. 

So what are you waiting for?  What have you got to lose?  Start planning your business today.  Nyamuka Zambia wants to hear from you!


The accidental honey man from Solwezi

Nyamuka Breakfast-162 ALAN AND HONEY
Take the case of Alan Chanda who won K200,000 in the 2015 season of the Nyamuka Zambia Business Plan Competition for his business plan to develop honey-based sweets. 

Alan fell into the world of beekeeping pretty much by accident.  He was working as an engineer for an organisation which installs solar solutions for rural communities, working up near the Zambian border with the DRC, when he met traditional beekeepers who gathered honey in the forest.  Although he was frightened of bees and at first was not so keen on honey, he started buying small quantities from the beekeepers, selling it to friends and family in Solwezi and beyond. 

After doing some research Alan realised that there was a worldwide appetite for honey that is not being met by the available supply and clearly that meant that there was a business opportunity that he and Zambia could exploit.  He explored the possibility of introducing beekeeping to other areas of Zambia, designing a purpose-built hive to fit the conditions. 

In the year before Nyamuka, Alan handled 2 tonnes of honey. In 2015, that shot up to 26 tonnes and his production in 2016 was a mammoth 160 tonnes, achieved by investing a significant part of his winnings in thousands of new hives. He has launched his products into major international supermarket chains as well as exporting in bulk to Europe and South Africa. Within a year he hopes to double again his throughput. Alan’s honey business now employs nearly 20 people, a figure that is set to grow dramatically over the next 12 months and he is well on the way to implementing his plan for honey-based sweets that won him K200,000 with Nyamuka Zambia.

Alan did it.  You can do it too!